List Perfectly is the
 #1 Way to Sell Online

Our unique technology allows you to list unlimited products on every marketplace at one time. Enjoy the peace of mind of inventory management, the freedom of crossposting in seconds, and the maximized income of reaching new customers. 


Our Commitment to You:

More Sales, Money & Time

The average business saves 80 hours per month.

* based on crossposting 200 products / month

• More Marketplaces = More Customers

• Bulk Crosspost Products to Every Marketplace vs. 1-By-1

• Manage Inventory & Delete Sold Listings with a Single Click

• Get Sales Analytics on Best Performing Marketplaces & Products

• Concierge Customer Service for Continued Support

* be sure to select Business or Pro*



Not only have I saved money with List Perfectly, I've made it back 2x - quite literally we doubled our sales in our first month and have been growing ever since. Before LP, I had an assistant and listed only on eBay. With LP, I was able to move her to cross posting on 5 platforms, saving money on her hours and growing sales at the same time. I love the diversity I have being on different marketplaces, reaching a unique demographic on each platform.



List Perfectly is the single most important investment that I have made for my business in the last year. I was an early member with the sole purpose of crossposting my vintage eBay inventory to Etsy... because it was so easy I decided to crosspost to a 3rd and 4th marketplace. I have increased my sales by 15% in such a short time. I don’t know what I ever did without this (oh yes, I do, I slowly and clunkily hand crossposted and paid an assistant to do the same). I now consider List Perfectly an integral part of my business. 


List Perfectly may sound too good to be true until you download it and try it. In the first 5 minutes you will say "why haven't I done this before?" I have been able to grow my business 3x last year as a direct result of getting onto 4 new marketplaces with List Perfectly - all without having to hire any additional employees or virtual assistants. In fact I was able to scale back on their hours and save money. If I had to pick between hiring (which would be much more expensive) or this service - I would 100% choose List Perfectly. 


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